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XML: Relax NG Overview

Relax NG is an XML based schema language that can be used to validate XML documents.


The following is a list of key tools that can be used with Relax NG. There is a complete list of relax NG tools at this link.


A multiformat schema translator written in Java by James Clark. This tools can convert between Relax NG Schemas, W3C Schemas, and DTDs.

Download - Manual

To use trang you must do the following:

To execute trang type:
java -jar trang.jar inputfile outputfile

Or, build a batch file to execute the program:
#!/bin/bash java -jar /jars/trang.jar $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6

Replace /jars with the path to where the trang.jar file is located.

Put as many or as few command line options you think you might need on the command line. There are 6 in this example.

Trang only supports Relax NG schema files, DTDs, or XML instance files for input. It cannot convert from W3C to RNG.