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Mac OS X Links and Software

This page documents key software and sites for Mac OS X. The software is a mix of open source, freeware, and shareware. Links are categorized by topic. The software is generally free unless noted below.

Business Software

Office Suite

Open Office - Free open source office suite that matches all the features from M$. However, it runs in XWindows and requires the X11 utility from Apple:

X11 - A free package from Apple that allows you to run XWindows applications under OS X. You must install this before you can install Open Office.


GraphicConverter - Graphic conversion and management software. It is similar to Paint Shop Pro on Windows. Many of the features of Photoshop but simpler. It also has a great tool for just browsing and organizing photos. It give you much more control over things than iPhoto. (Shareware)

OmniGraffle - This is a flowcharting and drawing tool similar to Visio. It includes stencils for flowcharting, computer systems, and UML. The professional version can read and write Visio files. (Shareware)

OmniOutliner - This is a simple outlining tool. It is OS X native and is fairly inexpensive. (Shareware)



MySQL Software - A free open source database system that is small fast and includes most of the bells and whistles.

Installation Instructions -

MySQL Control Center - A GUI for the MySQL system. There are binaries for Linux and Windows on the site. Check out these sites for information on OS X versions:
Info on

Internet Utilities


Transmit - FTP client that includes support for SSH and SFTP. A nice, simple, clean interface. The only feature that is lacking is SOCKS support. (Shareware)


Mozilla - Not really needed on the Mac since Safari is so great. But it is still a fast feature complete browser suite and is nice to have around.