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Java -- Read a Line of Input from the Console

This small program shows how to read a line of text from the console or keyboard using Java. Click on the link below to see the code for this program.

   4:    This class demonstrates how to read a line of text from the keyboard
   6:class ReadLine{
   7:    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{
   8:        String CurLine = ""; // Line read from standard in
  10:        System.out.println("Enter a line of text (type 'quit' to exit): ");
  11:        InputStreamReader converter = new InputStreamReader(;
  12:        BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(converter);
  15:        while (!(CurLine.equals("quit"))){
  16:            CurLine = in.readLine();
  18:            if (!(CurLine.equals("quit"))){
  19:                System.out.println("You typed: " + CurLine);
  20:            }
  21:        }
  22:    }

View the Source Code

Here is some sample output from the program.

java ReadLine
Enter a line of text (type 'quit' to exit):
Line 1
You typed: Line 1
Line 2
You typed: Line 2


First, input from the keyboard or console is read from the object which functions as standard input. This data is wrapped by an InputStreamReader which reads data one character at a time. To read this data a line at a time, a BufferedReader is wrapped around the InputStreamReader. Using the BufferedReader, a line at a time is read as shown on line 16. If the line is not equal to "quit" it is printed out.